MMB Imports, a licensed firearms importer (FFLO8), offers firearm import services to collectors of fine and historically significant firearms. Additionally, MMB Imports imports rifles, pistols, revolvers, edged weapons, and firearm parts for sale to collectors. To date we have worked with firearms dealers and exporters in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Slovenia.

The process to import a firearm is a multi-step procedure.   Detailed, accurate and complete documentation is essential to a clean and efficient importation.  MMB Imports works directly with you, your seller, your local FFL, BATFE, US Customs and shippers to ensure the seamless transfer of your firearm(s).  There are no middlemen or customs brokers.  We manage and conduct your import and firearm transfer, personally.

We adhere to all federal and state regulations while working for our clients.  Your importation work will be completed expeditiously, accurately and with integrity.   We will keep you informed of the progress of your import and bill you accordingly.

See “Our Services” for a complete review of our portfolio of services.  We understand that your firearm purchase is unique and look forward to providing you distinguished service.

We also sell a very nice variety of Swiss and other C&R rifles as well as German Sig Sauer Mastershop pistols at a few gun shows each year. Please check back for dates!