We import our firearms directly from Switzerland and Germany.
All offerings are in the US, ready to ship to your local FFL. Prices do not include shipping or 3% credit card fee.

Imported from Germany, NIB Sig Sauer Mastershop and X-Series Pistols in 9mm

* E-mail * P210 SKELETON Super Target pistol, 6″ barrel – Awesome Mastershop Sport pistol to shoot or collect. Silver or black.
* E-mail * P210 Super Target Silver pistol, 6″ barrel – A beauty! Excellent pistol, highly collectible.
* E-mail * P210 Super Target Black pistol, 6″ barrel – A classic, a collectible, and terrific shooter.

* E-mail * P226 X-Five Open – An outstanding Sig Sauer Mastershop Sport pistol engineered for the IPSC competitor.
* E-mail * P226 X-Five Supermatch Perfomance -The Sig Sauer Mastershop Sport optimized for the competitive shooter.
* E-mail * P226 X-Five Supermatch – A Sig Sauer X-Series pistol designed for performance.

* E-mail * P226 X-Five Facettes – A Sig Sauer Mastershop Individual pistol designed for balance and beauty.
* E-mail * P210 Midnight Super Target pistol, 5″ barrel -A new look for the Sig Sauer classic from the Mastershop.

Please contact us at sales@mmbimports.com to purchase or for additional information.

From Switzerland, Swiss Waffenfabrik Bern K31 and K11 Army Rifles

Our current inventory of K11 rifles are offered from $350 to 750. 

Our current inventory of K31 rifles are offered from $550 to $1250.

Please contact us at sales@mmbimports.com for additional information.

We also offer firearms through Gunbroker auctions. Click here to see our current sales.