We import our firearms directly from Switzerland and Germany.
All offerings are in the US, ready to ship to your local FFL. Prices do not include shipping or 3% credit card fee.

Imported from Germany, NIB Sig Sauer Mastershop and X-Series Pistols in 9mm

* $5699 * P210 SKELETON Super Target pistol, 6″ barrel – Awesome Mastershop Sport pistol to shoot or collect. Silver or black.
* $4699 * P210 Super Target Silver pistol, 6″ barrel – A beauty! Excellent pistol, highly collectible.
* $4499 * P210 Super Target Black pistol, 6″ barrel – A classic, a collectible, and terrific shooter.
* $4199 * P210 Super Target Black pistol, 5″ barrel – The classic.

* $5699 * P226 X-Five Chrome & Carbon – An eye-catching Sig Sauer Mastershop Individual pistol crafted for performance and style.
* $5199 * P226 X-Five Supermatch Perfomance -The Sig Sauer Mastershop Sport optimized for the competitive shooter.
* $4850 * P226 X-Five Violine – A Mastershop variant made for dealer reviews at IWA. A rare, less gilded bird.
* Sold out * P226 X-Five Supermatch – A Sig Sauer X-Series pistol designed for performance. A favorite with shooters.

* $4999 * P226 X-Six Skeleton – A Sig Sauer Mastershop Sport pistol, the ground-breaking design backed by performance.
* $5999 * P226 X-Six Violine -A Sig Sauer Mastershop Individual pistol, its stunning looks might tempt you not to shoot it….

Imported from Switzerland

Each quarter, we import legendary Swiss and German target rifles; highly collectible and very accurate Swiss pistols and carbines; exquisite German hunting rifles and shotguns; distinctive antique firearms; and small collections of firearm and shooting accessories.

PREVIEW: Firearms arriving from Switzerland in our August shipment.

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