Imported from Switzerland and Currently Available: Swiss W+F K31 and K11 Army Rifles

Buyer pays for shipping. We ship to your local FFL or to holders of FFL03 license.

Approved for Import and Coming Soon: New-in-Box German Sig Sauer Mastershop Pistols in 9mmPara

    • X-Six Classic Select 2018 – Limited to 50 pistol manufacture! Features polished sides, special Mastershop extended grips and the engraved Mastershop logo on top of the slide.
    • X-Short Black & White – a Mastershop Individual pistol, 4.4″ barrel
    • X-Short Skeleton – a Mastershop Sports pistol, 4.4″ barrel
    • X-Five Skeleton – a Mastershop Sports pistol, 5″ barrel
    • X-Six Skeleton – a Mastershop Sports pistol, 6″ barrel

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