MMB Imports’ portfolio of import services begins with your selection of a firearm and only concludes once the firearm is delivered to your local FFL.  At each point in the import process, we guarantee scrupulous attention to details; clear and frequent contact with you; strict adherence to regulations.

We have completed imports from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, and Slovenia to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We will manage your firearms import to include:

    • completing  and obtaining the BATFE import permit for your firearms
    • conducting the US Customs entry processes
    • completing US Customs duty and fee payments (invoiced separately)
    • engraving your firearm per BATFE regulations
    • preparing, coordinating, and tracking the domestic shipment of your firearm to the registered FFL of your choice (invoiced separately)

How MMB Imports works with you:

1You contact us prior to your firearm(s) purchase.  You provide us with your name, contact information and physical mailing address; a description of the firearm(s); the seller’s name, contact information and physical mailing address; your local FFL’s name, contact information and physical mailing address.  We agree to import your firearm.
2You complete your firearm(s) purchase.  You notify your seller that we are acting as your importer/agent.  We can assist you in this step.   Our import service fee is due, payable by credit card.  This fee is nonrefundable.
3We contact your seller directly to verify firearm description, to obtain shipping information and to obtain a “Five Year Letter” when necessary.
4We file import permit paperwork with BATFE.   You will be notified when this occurs.  Status updates will be given as they become available and every 10 business days.
5When the importation of your firearm has been approved by BATFE, we initiate international shipment with your seller as well as “wheels-up” entry documentation with US Customs.  You will be notified when this occurs and given an estimated US-arrival date.   All customs work is done in-house by MMB Imports.
6Once your shipment arrives at US Customs, we complete entry processing and pay Customs duty and fees.  Customs duty is generally charged at 3.5% of the invoice value of  shipment.  We will notify you of these costs as well as our domestic shipping costs to your local FFL.  The Customs duty and shipping costs are payable by credit card and due prior to domestic shipping.
7Within 15 days of clearance from US Customs, we will complete firearm marking per ATF requirements. Often we are able to ship your firearm within one business week of US Customs clearance.
8We secure and ship your firearm to your local FFL using FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail.  A tracking number will be sent to you.  If you prefer another shipping method, we are happy to work with you.
9We close-out the BATFE import permit for your shipment.

The importation of firearms is a highly regulated endeavor that must be conducted by a federally licensed importer.   Our focused attention to your shipment ensures we do the utmost we can to facilitate the unencumbered import and transfer of your firearm, quickly.

Our Fee

Our import service fee covers all:

    • BATFE application, permit and correspondence work;
    • US Customs entry and clearance work;
    • standard firearm marking using industry-leading engraving machine.

Our service fee does not include US Customs duty and fees nor domestic shipping and handling.  A 3% credit card surcharge is added to the Customs and shipping charges MMBI pre-pays for our clients. We structure our service fee so we may offer the best rate to the broad range of our clients: collectors, shooters, families importing heirlooms, and firearm dealers.


  • Our service fee ALWAYS INCLUDES Custom Broker work and dedicated courier pick-up service of your firearm(s) from the US airport to MMBI and to domestic carrier.
  • As of 1 July, we will raise our fee for the first time in six years. We have experienced increased costs.
  • A fee of $285 will be charged each firearm imported.
  • Please call us. Additional discounts are available based on quantity and model of firearm(s) to be imported.


Contact us at for additional details or to initiate your firearm import.