At MMBI we care about your firearms…and the law.   This is why MMBI uses the industry-leading engraving machine for all our firearm marking.  You can read the ATF’s marking requirements.  They represent a tall order:  comply with the law without marring our client’s firearm.

At MMBI, each firearm is individually engraved.  We take the time to look at your firearm, figure out the most aesthetically pleasing place to engrave, and then test the engraving using our fancy machine’s laser-light “test tool path” capability.  We don’t touch your firearm until we’re sure we’ve got it right.

We engrave at the required-minimum height of 1/16″.   This allows us to be very versatile in where we place the marking.  Additionally, when applicable, we blue each engraving to achieve a finished look.

From start to finish, MMBI treats your firearm like the fine collectible it is.  See what you think of our results.